Utrecht Central - Public transport terminal



Planned construction

until 2016

For years Utrecht Central was too small to accommodate all the people that use it. The station was once built for some 35 million users, today some 88 million people use the station each year. The number of people is expected to rise to some 100 million in 2020. Reason enough to expand.

In the new Utrecht Central all forms of public transport will be under the same roof, enabling smooth transfers between trains, buses and trams. Shops and restaurants will be situated on one side of the main hall so daylight can flow freely from the other side.

Utrecht Central will be a separate building, unlike the old station that continued on one side into the Hoog Catharijne mall. Two elevated squares will welcome travelers to Utrecht and vice versa to the station. Underneath those two squares giant bike sheds make sure that the streets surrounding Utrecht Central won’t be dominated by parked bikes anymore.